The Origins Awards will not be announced at this year’s Origins Game Fair, GAMA announced.  The Hall of Fame inductions and In Memorium sections of the awards ceremony will proceed as planned.  The Origins Awards that would have normally been announced in June 2021, which were then delayed until Origins Game Fair’s new dates of September 30 - October 3, 2021, will now be announced at the next Origins Game Fair, planned for June 2022.

The organization attributed the delay to "…staffing reductions caused by the pandemic, and the negative impact that had on …efforts surrounding this year’s Origins Awards."

GAMA also put out a call for members willing to serve as "committed volunteers" on the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design standing committee, a new structure established by the revised bylaws adopted earlier this year (see "GAMA Publishers Give Up Control of Organization").  The chairman will be appointed at the September GAMA Board of Directors meeting, with a goal to convene an initial meeting of the reconstituted Academy in the coming weeks.  That group will plan how to handle the awards going forward.  The categories for the 2020/2021 awards had been significantly modified under the ancient regime (see "GAMA Makes More Changes to the Origins Awards").

This year’s Hall of Fame inductees are:

  • Uwe Rosenberg
  • Maureen Hiron
  • Bruno Cathala
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game
  • Carcassonne
  • Rising Star - Elizabeth Hargrave