Restoration Games and Mondo Games have announced that they have restructured their relationship in regards to the publication of Unmatched battle games.

In the restructured arrangement, Restoration Games will assume the role of the publisher for all Unmatched games. Mondo Games will be designated as the company that handles licensor relationships. Previously, Restoration only published the unlicensed sets, and Mondo published the licensed Unmatched games. 

“This new structure consolidates the pre-publication process under our roof, which will let us ensure line consistency for both content and release schedule,” said Justin D. Jacobson, owner of Restoration Games.

Mondo also will continue to sell Unmatched games on their website. As far as upcoming releases are concerned, Restoration Games projects that sets under this new arrangement will become available in 2022.

Mondo Games recently released an Unmatched: Deadpool game (see "Deadpool's 30th Anniversary").