Ox Eye Media has signed a deal with the French animation studio Millimages to develop games, comics, and puzzles featuring the all-ages character Molang in 2022.  Korean artist Hye-Ji Yoon created the cute, rounded rabbit as an online emoticon, then Millimages created an animated cartoon based on the character.  The cartoon, which streams on Netflix and other platforms, features the energetic Molang and their quieter friend, a small yellow chick named Piu Piu.

In addition to being upbeat, Molang has no specific age, gender, or nationality.  The series first aired on French television in 2015, and since then has expanded to 190 territories.  There are five seasons of the series, as well as nine television specials and an album of music.  A number of children’s books have been published in France, Italy, and Germany.

Ox Eye Media was formed by the merger of Deep Water Games, comics publisher Source Point Press, and N3 Art, which publishes gaming accessories.  Source Point Press recently inked a licensing agreement with Asmodee Entertainment to publish comics based on Asmodee games (see “Source Point to Adapt Asmodee Games to Comics”).