heo Group revealed its Ultimate Guard 2022 Exclusive Line, which is set to hit retail stores on Q1 2022.  

The 2022 Exclusive Sidewinder 133+ comes in Pastel Green and Dark Orange. This deck box is designed to offer even more room for cards, holding more than 133 double-sleeved cards. It was specifically created to hold Commander/EDH decks, but also works well with regular-sized decks for most TCGs. These exclusives will retail for $24.99 each.

The 2022 Exclusive Twin Flip'n'Tray 266+ is a tower that can hold all sorts of cards and tokens. It has room for 266 or more double-sleeved cards or 315 or more single-sleeved cards, and features removable card and accessory trays. This product also comes in Pastel Green and Dark Orange, and will retail for $49.99.

For larger storage need, the 2022 Exclusive Omnihive 1000+ holds up to 1,000 or more double-sleeved cards. This box can hold other Ultimate Guard products, such as the Sidewinder 133+ and dice trays, and is adaptable to the different storage needs of many games. The Pastel Green and Dark Orange exclusive versions of this product with each retail for $74.99.

heo Group will release red and green Return to Earth: Boulder 100+ deck boxes, for the Ultimate Guard line, in November (see "'Return to Earth' Deck Boxes").

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