Wizards of the Coast announced that the new 2021 Magic: The Gathering holiday promo will begin arriving at WPN stores on November 22.

Last year, WotC kicked off the holidays with their Topdeck the Halls promo card, which showcased a more seasonal motif with artwork of a gingerbread man on a Christmas tree (see "Holiday Promo Card"). This year, WotC went with a more morbid look with Last-Minute Chopping to celebrate the release of the Innistrad sets. The promo card text reads as follows:

Last-Minute Chopping

(Casting Cost: 1 colorless mana, a Blue mana, and a Black mana)


Ask target opponent if they remembered to get you a present this year. If they say yes, they put a card they own from outside the game into your hand. Otherwise, you gain control of target permanent they control.

"Dear brother, I couldn't forget you if I tried, and I have tried."  

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