Legendary Comics will publish a new graphic novel about Enola Holmes, the teenage sister of famed fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes, next August. Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game will bridge the gap between the Netflix film Enola Holmes and its upcoming sequel, Enola Holmes 2. The graphic novel is based on an original story by Nancy Springer, the author of the Edgar-nominated prose series The Enola Holmes Mysteries, and will be written by Mickey George (The Heart Hunter), with art by Giorgia Sposito (Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor).

The graphic novel is set after the first film and follows Enola as she investigates the disappearance of her older brother Mycroft after he is kidnapped by anarchists. Together with Lord Shrewsbury and a young boy, she ventures deep into the London underground to find the truth and thwart the anarchists. Springer will have a cameo appearance in the book, which will be published in August 2022.

Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game will be released under Legendary’s YA imprint, Legendary Comics YA (see “Three Comic Companies Join Rush to Add Young Reader Lines”).

Springer’s Enola Holmes books were adapted into graphic novels by Serena Blasco and published in French. IDW has published English translations of three of them, The Case of the Missing Marquess, The Case of the Left-Handed Lady,and The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets, and will release an omnibus collecting all three volumes in May 2022.