Ultra PRO will release Magic: The Gathering: Keyword Counters 12-Sided Dice into U.S. retail in Q2 2022.

The Keyword Counters Dice help players represent their boardstate clearly in during games of Magic without use of ambiguous tokens. The set comes with five 12-sided counters that have ten keywords including First Strike, Indestructible, Hexproof, Flying, Lifelink, Deathtouch, Trample, Menace, Reach, and Vigilance. The other two sides of the die have a '+1/+1' and '-1/-1' symbol on them for keeping track of creature buffs. Each counter is about 22mm, debossed, and inked so the dice are clearly readable.

The set contains one Plains die, Island die, Swamp die, Mountain die, and Forest die. This product will come in 40-count cases.

Ultra PRO also unveiled Alcove Dice Tower, a new compact, fold-out dice tower, for release into retail stores (see "'Alcove Dice Tower'").