Corvus Belli will release JSA Action Pack, for the Infinity miniatures game, on January 27, 2022.

The Japanese are a new independent member of the Non-Aligned Countries. They are constantly besieged by the StateEmpire and its fearsome allies. This Army Pack is a good entry point into a JSA force, and has all the miniatures players would need to start playing with this faction. The game box comes with  3 Keisotsu, an Oniwaban, a Kempei Chain Of Command, a Ryuken Surprise Attack, a Ryuken Forward Deployment, a Daiyokai, a Kuroshi Rider, and a Kuge Delegate HVT.

This boxed set will retail for $101.99.

Corvus Belli recently released four new miniature sets for Infinity and a new character for Aristeia! (see "New Minis for Corvus Belli's 'Infinity,' 'Aristeia!'").

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