Corvus Belli has announced four new miniature sets for Infinity and a new character for Aristeia!, along with a pack of scenery bases, all releasing on October 29.

The four sets for Infinity include:

The Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry set comes with Sergeant So-ra Kwon, armed with a combi-rifle and heavy flamethrower, a Jujak with missile launcher, a Jujak with spitfire, and a TinBot.  MSRP $50.49.

The Knight of Santiago (Spitfire) includes a single armored knight model armed with a spitfire.  MSRP is $18.49.

The Ariadna Support Pack offers a trio of models, with a Kazak Doktor, an Emergency Service Doctor, and a Dozer with rifle.  MSRP is $33.99.  This kit is recommended for use with Infinity CodeOne.

Rounding out the new releases is the Nomads Support Pack with four models, including a Daktari Doctor, Clockmaker Engineer, and two Zondbots.  MSRP is $39.99.  This kit is recommended for use with Infinity CodeOne.

Ready to step onto the Aristeia! pitch is Parvati, Circle League Star.  Armed with submachine guns, this competitor seeks to avoid obsolescence by reinventing herself and taking any risk it takes.  MSRP is $15.99. 

Modelers who want to upgrade the bases for their miniatures can pick up the 25mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series set, which includes 10 unpainted thermoplastic bases that feature Infinity-inspired detailing and Line of Fire markings to improve playability of the game.  MSRP $16.99.

All models are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

Click Gallery below to see images of the models and packaging.

Infinity CodeOne is an introductory version of Infinity that is compatible with the broader game, launched last year (see “Corvus Belli Offers Intro-Level ‘Infinity CodeOne’”).  A new Battle Pack for the game came out in August (see “Corvus Belli Will Release a New ‘Infinity CodeOne’ Battle Pack”).  A crowd-funding campaign for the stand-alone Infinity Deathmatch:  TAG Raid, set in the Infinity universe, is expected this autumn (see “Corvus Belli Teases ‘Infinity Deathmatch:  TAG Raid’”).

In November, a four-player version of Aristeia! will be released (see “Brand-New ‘Aristeia!’ Expansion Adds up to Four Players in a Single Game”).