Bandai unveiled Unison Warrior Series - BOOST - Set 08 [DBS-B17], for Dragon Ball Super Card Game, which will hit retail in May 2022.

The new booster set is still in development, but a few details were released. The set will contain 292 types of cards total. The rarity breakdown is as follows: 60 Commons, 38 Uncommons, 30 Rares, 18 Super Rares, 15 Special Rares, and 3 Secret Rares. Packs will come with 12 cards each and a box has 24 booster packs.

This product will retail for $3.99 per booster.

Bandai will also release the Dragon Ball Super Mythic Booster set and the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Gift Collection (see "'Dragon Ball Super' Goes 'Mythic'").