TCGplayer and Legend Story Studios are launching a direct-to-consumer campaign around Legend Story’s Flesh and Blood: Everfest release (see "’Everfest’") to benefit local hobby game stores, the companies announced.  The campaign will offer the TCGplayer Everfest Collector’s Bundle, with two first edition booster boxes, a limited edition playmat, collector’s certificate and bundle set checklist directly to consumers, with each product sale credited to a participating local game stores.

Legend Story’s Everfest release will be the first TCG release to be packaged in recyclable paper booster wrappers, and shipping materials for this campaign will also be sustainable, TCGplayer Chedy Hampson explained.  "To commemorate Legend Story Studio’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging, TCGplayer will be packaging each Everfest bundle with sustainability in mind, utilizing recycled content so that all materials are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable," he said of the campaign.

Legend Story CEO James White noted the innovation in the product packaging.  "With the Everfest campaign, we once again bring something revolutionary to the TCGplayer Marketplace, embarking on a D2C campaign that directly benefits local game stores while also shining a spotlight on the industry’s first product with fully recyclable paper booster wrappers," he said.

The Everfest campaign will launch at noon ET February 1; the set hits retail on February 4.

This is the third such program on which the two companies have partnered; the second distributed $100,000 to local stores (see "TCGplayer and Legend Story Partner"), and the first two combined distributed $175,000.