Tabletop game funding on Kickstarter grew 13% in 2021, from $237 million in 2020 to $272 million last year, according to a post on Medium by Thomas Bidaux of ICO Partners.  The 13% growth rate, while strong, was down from the 34% growth rate in 2020 (see "Tabletop Games Blow Away Old Record").

The growth in tabletop game funding on Kickstarter in 2021 was the seventh consecutive year of growth; funds raised have gone up every year since Kickstarter launched in 2021 except one (2014).

Projects on Gamefound, the new crowdfunding platform specifically for tabletop games, raised $22 million in its first year (see "Ravensburger Invests in Gamefound"), which took some of the growth from Kickstarter.  The combined total of Gamefound and Kickstarter dollars raised for 2021 amounts to $294 million, or 24% more than the dollars raised on Kickstarter in 2020.

Tabletop game funding on Kickstarter slowed down in the second half of 2021; first half funds raised were up 22% over the previous year (see "Tabletop Games Up 22% in First Half"), so the growth rate in the second half was significantly below the full-year rate of 13%.

Over 3,500 tabletop game projects were funded on Kickstarter in 2021, also a record.