Capstone Games announced Terra Mystica: Big Box for release into retail on May 3, 2022.

The original Terra Mystica board game came to the U.S. market via Z-Man Games back in 2013 (see " Z-Man Preps Essen Hit for Q1 Release"), and is now being re-released in the U.S. under the Capstone banner. Terra Mystica: Big Box features a new printing of the base game along with two of its expansions, Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice and Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas (see " 'Terra Mystica' Sailing"). The box also comes with a new solo mode add-on by Automa Factory. Capstone will also offer the solo mode as its own expansion product, Terra Mystica: Automa Solo Box.

Terra Mystica: Big Box supports one to five players, plays in 30 minutes per player, and will retail for $149.95. Terra Mystica: Automa Solo Box will retail for $19.95.

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