WizKids revealed Dungeons & Dragons: Teeth of Dahlver-Nar Bite-Sized Artifact, a new fantasy curio artifact collection, for release into retail in October 2022.

This new D&D curio collection is based on the fabled artifact once carried by the powerful cleric. It comes with 20 teeth from all sorts of creatures and is contained within a leather display pouch. The collection comes with following fantasy tooth curios:

  • Ivory Cat Molar
  • Human Molar
  • Golden Goblin Bicuspid
  • Halfling Canine
  • Emerald Lizardfolk Fang
  • Sweet-tasting Human Canine
  • Rainbow-colored Donkey Molar
  • Silver Mind Flayer Tooth
  • Vomerine Tooth of a Large Toad
  • Obsidian Human Molar
  • Yellowed Vampire Fang
  • Twisted Beholder Tooth
  • Lapis Lazuli Oni Fang
  • Broken Translucent Fang
  • Jade Humanoid Bicuspid
  • Green Steel Pit Fiend Fang
  • Blue Dragon Fang
  • Jagged Sliver of Tarrasque Tooth
  • Ruby-Veined Red Dragon Fang
  • Dusty Human Molar

The collection also includes the leather drawstring bag, game rules, and a d20 to help add the Teeth of Dahlver-Nar to D&D campaigns. This product will retail for $79.99.

WizKids will also release Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures: Adult Green Dragon into retail (see "True Dragon Swoops into Retail").

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