A pair of geographical sourcebooks for Quality Games’ sword-and-sandal fantasy role playing game Lex Arcana will be released in June: Italia and Dacia and Thracia.

Italia explores the very heart of the Empire, revealing new details about the cradle of Rome and the dangerous monsters and supernatural threats that linger there.  The book discusses hidden cults, conspiracies, and foes that still exist in the Italian peninsula, as well as offering notes about the culture, cities, and economy of the region. Rounding out the 260-page hardcover book is a trio of pre-designed adventures.

Dacia and Thracia details those two border provinces at the furthest reaches of the Empire, with information about their religion, culture, and economic state plus geographic notes. The supernatural side of the frontier is also explored, from monsters and horrors within to invading marauders from beyond the Empire. This 160-page hardcover book also offers hints about Scythia, the region beyond the Danube, and three ready-to-run adventures.

Click Gallery below for sample pages from the two books.

Lex Arcana is one of a pair of Italian role playing games picked up by Ares Games for the English-language market in 2020 (see “Ares Games Will Distribute Two Italian Roleplaying Games”).