Atomic Mass Games unveiled Star Wars Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set, a new collection of miniatures, for release on June 17, 2022.

This set introduces three sets of mercenaries to the game, which were also recently announced as individual packs (see "Shadow Collective"). These mercenaries can be played by faction or united under the former Sith Lord Maul for a larger force. This set includes three new command cards for Maul and reprints of his three Separatist Alliance command cards. Players can also customize these forces with 30 upgrade cards that unlock heavy weapons, characters like Rook Kast, and more.

The set comes with 22 miniatures including Maul, a unit of Shadow Collective Mandalorian Super Commandos, a unit of Black Sun Enforcers, and a unit of Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers. Star Wars Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set will retail for $69.99.

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