Stonemaier Games unveiled Viticulture World Cooperative Expansion, the next expansion for the hit winemaking board game Viticulture, which will ship in June 2022.

In Viticulture World Cooperative Expansion, players can extend their winemaking family from the popular core game (see "'Viticulture' Shipping to Trade"). The goal of this expansion is to continue to balance the growth of individual vineyards with the combined effort of other players to gain influence in a particular winemaking region. The expansion include a new game board, tiles, tokens, and event cards that allow for a new asymmetric scenario.

The game box comes with a double-sided game board, 2 rulebooks, 7 unique continent decks, 28 innovation tiles, 20 new red and blue cards; 24 yellow and blue hats; an influence token, an event token,    20+ Automa solo components, and 20 card reprints.  The core game is required to use this expansion.