Mantic Games will release the Firefight 2E: Two-Player Starter Set, a miniatures boxed set, into U.S. retail in 2022.

Firefight is making its return with a second edition, after being out of action few years (see "Mantic Plans for 2017"), with a new entry level starter set that has over 70 miniatures. This starter set also comes with rule and force lists books, a quick start guide, dice, and tokens. The box essentially comes with everything needed to run a two-player game and introduce new players to the Warpath Universe.

The game box comes with 40 Marauder Commandos/Brawlers, 4 Marauder Ripper Suits, 20 Enforcers, 5 Enforcer Peacekeepers, 2 Enforcer Jetbikes, a Firefight rulebook, a Firefight Force Lists book, 2 card counter sheets, a Getting Started guide, 16 d8 dice, 11 Firefight Command Dice, 9 40mm bases, and 62 25mm round bases. It will retail for $130.

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