Gen Con, LLC. announced that it will not hold Pop-Up Gen Con events in 2022.

Pop-Up Gen Con events began running in FLGS back in 2019 (see "'Pop-Up Gen Con'"), but were cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 (see "Cancelled for 2020 Over COVID-19 Concerns"). They came back in September 2021 (see "FLGS Pop-Ups"), but now they are off the table again for 2022. The company has put these events on hiatus to "focus our resources and attention on making Gen Con Indy 2022 a truly spectacular return to pre-pandemic scale in celebration of 55 years of Gen Con." However, Gen Con organizers also stated that they will continue long-term planning and development of the Pop-Up Gen Con program in anticipation that it will return in 2023.