Games Workshop announced Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Echoes of Doom, a new battlebox set, for release soon.

This boxed set features new skaven and Sylvaneth models. The skaven are led into battle by the Grey Seer Skrittat, master of subtlety, and their army has assassins, such as Deathmaster Virrtik. The Sylvaneth army is commanded by the Lady of Vines, who has left her realm for the first time to seek a showdown with the skaven. She is backed up by Gossamid Archers, who can deal D3 mortal wounds with each arrow.

The battlebox also comes with a giant token sheet, a copy of the core rules, and warscroll cards. There is also a new narrative supplement that comes with the box that reveals more backstory on the struggle between these two forces.

Games Workshop also recently revealed Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Thondian Strongpoint, a new Realmscape boxed set (see "Realmscape Set at Adepticon 2022").

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