Writer James Tynion IV and artist Michael Dialynas are working on a sequel to their young adult fantasy comic, Wynd. The sequel, Wynd: The Throne in the Sky, will be a five-issue miniseries with the first issue slated for August. The main cover of the first issue will be a wraparound piece by Dialynas, and the variant covers will include one drawn by Greg Capullo, inked by Jonathan Glapion, and colored by Dave McCaig, as well as a foil variant by Dialynas and additional variants by Christian Ward, Mike Del Mundo, and Dimitris K. Patanzis.

"Wynd at its heart is about how people resist change in themselves and the world around them, and how that fear fills them with hate,” Tynion IV said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “It’s about how young people must navigate a world in which change is necessary, and overcome that hate to find themselves and find a path forward for their people and their world. I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with Michael Dialynas to bring the Wynd saga to a whole new level. The stage has been set, the world of Esseriel is at the brink of war, and our band of teenagers are at the heart of unraveling a centuries old mystery that could change the face of their world forever. This is where our Fantasy epic kicks into a high gear, and moves ever closer to its action-packed climax."

Tynion IV and Dialynas had originally planned to publish Wynd as a graphic novel trilogy, but they abruptly switched gears and published the first volume as a miniseries instead (see “New Tynion IV Series Getting Surprise Comic Release”).

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