Monte Cook Games announced the Cypher System Open Gaming License (CSOL), which will be released to the public this summer.

The Cypher System was originally introduced with Numenera (see "'Numenera' B&M Promotion") and later used in several RPGs including The Strange (see "'The Strange' RPG") and more recently, First Responders (see "'Cypher System: First Responders'"). Under the CSOL, publishers and creators will be allowed to duplicate content from a Cypher System Reference Document (CSRD), which contains almost all of the rules content for the Cypher System and content from MCG sources, to make compatible TTRPG products. The CSRD rules content includes character generation, core game rules, optional and variant rules, creatures, cyphers, items, artifacts, and more. Licensees under the CSOL will be able to create adventures, settings, supplements, and self-contained games and freely market them.