Wizards of the Coast announced that a portion of the Double Masters 2022 product line will be delayed.

Delays strike again (see "Product Delays") as WotC says that a portion of Double Masters 2022 Collector Boosters will be delayed in North America for one to two weeks after the set release. The delays were blamed both on production challenges and the ongoing global supply issues. As a result, Collectors Booster will likely have a limited availability initially.

This could potentially be a major blow or boon for this product line. The Collector Booster displays for this set have only four packs each (see "'Double Masters 2022'"), and are clearly aimed at customers with significant amounts of disposable income. A glut in supply lasting a week or more could put a damper on sales of this set as the FOMO on new Magic products tends to fade progressively after a set's release.

Conversely, if the reprints and cards treatments in this set are desirable enough, a lack of product could also make card prices on the secondary market soar temporarily based on the rarity of Collector Boosters in the marketplace. This type of price action could create a second wave of enthusiasm for the boxes from singles card resellers and vest pocket singles sellers looking to flip the cards for profit.