WizKids revealed two new D&D Onslaught Faction Packs, Red Wizards and Many Arrows, for release into retail in February 2023.

These two packs expand the core game of D&D Onslaught (see "'D&D Onslaught'") that hits stores in September. The Red Wizards Faction Pack features a nefarious group of spellcasters and their allies. These characters are capable of summoning creatures to their aid, which are represented by tokens in the game. Many Arrows focuses on a faction of Orc warriors and their allies, who specialize in Slowing and Rooting their foes.

Each faction box comes with 6 pre-painted miniatures, 6 Combat Dial cards, 12 Level Up cards, 2 custom faction dice, gameplay tokens, and a rulesheet. These sets each retail for $59.99.

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