Archon Studio will release Dungeons & Lasers: Dwarven Mine Props, a new sprue miniatures boxed set, on August 18, 2022.

The mine operations of dwarves are notorious for containing all sorts of loot, and this new boxed set helps 5E enthusiasts decorate their mines. These unpainted miniatures are created for a standard tabletop scale and assemble easily with a few plastic clicks. The boxed set comes with a Corner Rubble, a Giant Fungi, a Mushroom, a Mine Cart, a Wheelbarrow, 2 Stools, Minerals, a Table, a Crumbled Wall, Crystals, a Dead Body, Dynamite, 2 Mining Pins, and a Pickaxe.

This set will retail for $15.00.

Archon Studio also announced new Pathfinder Terrain: City of Absalom Half-Height Walls, which has a street date of August 18, 2022 (see "'Pathfinder Terrain'").

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