It’s Alive has plans to publish a collected edition of The Nazz, by the late writer Tom Veitch and artist Bryan Talbot.  The story follows Michael Nazareth, whose search for superpowers through ancient rituals results in a transformation that leaves him superhuman and yet somehow less than he once was.  DC Comics published The Nazz as a four-issue miniseries in 1990 and it is not only out of print but has never been collected before.  After Veitch died, last February (see “R.I.P. Tom Veitch”), It’s Alive signed an agreement with his estate as well as with Talbot to publish a collected edition of the creator-owned comics.  The book will also include essays about the series, a cover gallery, and other extras.

It's Alive is publishing The Nazz as a hardcover via an Indiegogo campaign that has a retailer tier:  Four copies for $100.  The book is expected to ship in December 2023.