Tomy Company, Ltd. revealed WIXOSS TCG: Curiosity Diva English Edition, the sixth WIXOSS TCG booster expansion, for release into retail on October 7, 2022.

Curiosity Diva English Edition adds the popular team "Kyurukyurun" from the original story "WIXOSS DIVA (A)LIVE." The set features new strategies for "Hirana," "Wolf," "Nova," "Muzica," "Tawil," and "Umr." This set features 94 cards that include 6 types of PI Rares, 12 types of Super Rares, 25 types of LRIG rares, 18 types of rares, and 33 types of commons. It also has a total of 85 parallel cards. Packs come with 8 cards, and boxes contains 20 packs plus a Special Promo Pack Vol. 5.

Tomy also recently released Vertex Diva, the fifth expansion for the WIXOSS TCG, and the Top Diva constructed deck (see "'Vertex Diva' Joins 'WIXOSS TCG' ").

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