Barnes & Noble will be the exclusive seller of the Solo Leveling Box Set and a special version of Firefly: The Game, the companies announced.

Barnes & Noble will retail Solo Leveling Box Set, which will include volumes 1-5 ($20 each MSRP) for $90.  Yen Press will release the set in October, shortly after the release of the fifth volume on September 20.  Volume four was the #3 bestselling graphic novel in the book channel on release in May, according to NPD BookScan (see "May 2022 BookScan - Top 20 Graphic Novels").

Gale Force Nine has published a special version of Firefly: The Game, exclusively available at Barnes & Noble, to mark the 10th anniversary of the game (originally released in 2013, see "’Firefly: The Game’"), and the 20th anniversary of the show, the company announced.  The special version contains the Artful Dodger Expansion and seven promo cards, including the set of five Big Damn Heroes cards, Wash’s Lucky Dinosaur, and Mal’s Pretty Floral Bonnet.  The expansion adds a fifth ship to the game, allowing for an extra player.  B&N will retail the game for $50, the price at release in 2013.

Gale Force Nine has sold out of the original version of the game except for the B&N version, and plans updated editions in 2023.

Click Gallery below for images of the Solo Leveling Box Set and the new components of Firefly: The Game.