Bandai will release the One Piece TCG: Paramount War booster set into retail in Q1 2023.

This set will be the second booster set revolving around the Paratmount War, which was part of the Marinford Arc in the manga and anime. It adds new characters like Whitebeard Pirates, The Three Admiral, Ivonkov, and others who participated in this storyline. The set also features full-fledged "black" cards as well as new combinations of multicolored leaders like the red and black Garp. The set has 121 types of cards: 8 Leaders, 45 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 26 Rares, 10 Super Rares, and 2 Secret Rares. Packs comes with 12 cards, and 24 packs come in a display box.

Bandai also recently announced One Piece Film Edition Starter Deck, for the One Piece Card Game (see "'One Piece Film Edition Starter Deck'").