Games Workshop has revealed Warhammer 40,000: Leagues of Votann Army Set, a new miniatures boxed set, which is coming to preorder on September 17, 2022.

The Leagues of Votann armies are finally on their way, after being first teased at Adepticon 2022 in March (see "The Leagues of Votann Return"). They will return in a new boxed set that comes with 25 miniatures. This force, led by an Uthar the Destined miniature, features an Einhyr Champion, 3 Hernkyn Pioneers, and 20 Hearthkyn Warriors. The set also contains the brand new Collector's Edition Codex: Leagues of Votann with a special cover. Additionally, the boxed set comes with 50 datacards, 63 tokens, and 2 transfer sheets.  

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