Games Workshop announced rules changes to the Warharmmer 40,000: Leagues of Votann faction because certain faction rules in the Codex were overpowered.

Only a few days after the product was released to the public on September 24, 2022 (see "'Warhammer 40,000: Leagues of Votann Army Set'"), the GW Warhammer 40K rules team admitted that there were certain new rules interactions that were too powerful and some of the Votann units were too inexpensive, point-wise, for their function on the battlefield. The issue was a result of playtesting the new faction against more recent rules sets, like the Aeldari and Tyranids, which have already seen adjustments to align with the 9E rules set. GW's apology was as follows:

"We’ve got a devoted rules team, and an amazing group of playtesters, but even after a rigorous testing period, sometimes we miss things that a passionate world-wide community of hundreds of thousands will quickly spot. We’re sorry we didn’t get these rules right out of the gate. And we’ll fix it."

The first two problems addressed by the rules were that the army points required to field certain units were too low, which they corrected by issuing a PDF update, and how Grudge tokens functioned. Grudge tokens created a progressive bonus effect as they accumulated on enemy units, which allowed players to re-roll misses. GW changed the Grudge token rules so that hits made from their effect no longer count as an automatic 6 to wound. The rules team is currently updating the rules for this faction and will be releasing updates so that players can plan their armies accordingly before more Votann releases hit the street.