Wizards of the Coast announced their new licensing partnerships for Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond, which include Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed.

WotC and Digital Gaming President  Cynthia Williams unveiled these new Magic crossovers at Hasbro Investor Day 2022 (see "Hasbro Adds SVP of 'D&D'"), which are expected to make their way to market in 2024. This follows up their successful inclusion of The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Street Fighter, and Fortnite IPs into Magic, and their announcements of licensing Doctor Who and The Lord of the Rings (see "'The Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle-earth'") for Magic. Williams also mentioned that there will be a Post Malone-themed Secret Lair drop set coming as well. Post Malone had previously collaborated with WotC before to promote their FNM program (see "Brand Collaboration with Post Malone"), and potentially remains Magic's #1 celebrity fan.