Games Workshop revealed seven Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battleforces sets headed to preorder on November 26, 2022.

GW once again has begun to roll out its holiday Battleforce box preorder bonanza, as they did in 2021 (see "Battleforces Sets"). This year's preorders kick off with new Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battleforces sets:

Battleforce: Daughters of Khaine – Khainite Slaughter-Coven. The Daughters of Khaine Battleforce features 27 miniatures, including a Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood. The Slaughter Queen can be built in two other ways.

Battleforce: Gloomspite Gitz – Stampeding Squigalanche. This monsterous Battleforce contains 25 miniatures, which include two pairs of Mangler Squigs.

Battleforce: Nighthaunt – Legion of Grief. The Legion of Grief is led by Lady Olynder, the Mortarch of Grief. This ghostly garrison also comes with 32 fantastic phantasms and a Black Coach.

Battleforce: Orruk Warclans – Kruleboyz Swamp-lurkers. This Battleforce contains 15 miniatures, which include a Killaboss on Corpse-rippa Vulcha, a Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast, and footsloggers.

Battleforce: Skaven – The Verminous Host. The Verminous Host miniatures comes with a total of 85 miniatures, featuring hordes of Clanrats, Plague Monks, and Stormfiends.  

Battleforce: Stormcast Eternals – Thunderstrike Spearhead. This Battleforce comes with 26 miniatures. The showcased miniatures in this box are two Stormdrake Guards mounted on dracoliths.  

Battleforce: Sylvaneth – Revenant Wargrove. The Revenant Wargrove army is helmed by Drycha Hamadreth, who commands 28 other spirits on the battlefield.  

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