Games Workshop unleashed eight Warhammer 40,000 Battleforce sets, which are headed to preorder soon.

GW has followed up the announcements of the cavalcade of Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battleforce sets that coming to market (see "'Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battleforces'") by adding on eight new Warhammer 40,000 Battleforce sets that are also on their way. The new sets are as follows:

Battleforce: Adeptus Mechanicus – Elimination Maniple. This set features Belisarius Cawl and his horrible guns and killer robots from humanity’s past. It comes with 20 miniatures, including the Archmagos Dominus himself.

Battleforce: Imperial Knights – Chainbreaker Lance. The Chainbreaker Lance set comes with 4 Armiger-class knights led by Canis Rex and a legendary steed manned by Sir Hekhtur (6 miniatures total). Canis Rex can also be built as any Questoris-class Knight.

Battleforce: Thousand Sons – Court of The Crimson King. Magnus the Red leads 20 Rubric Marines and 3 Exalted Sorcerers in this boxed set.

Battleforce: Death Guard – Council of The Death Lord. This boxed set showcases Mortarion and his army. He is accompanied by 14 Plague Marines and 5 indomitable Blightlord Terminators.

Battleforce:  Adepta Sororitas – Sanctorum Guard. The Sanctorum Guard battleforce has 23 miniatures. It is led by Morven Vahl who commands 6 Paragon Warsuits, a complement of Celestian Sacresants, and a Battle Sister squad.

Battleforce: Adeptus Custodes – Watchers of The Gate. This golden-armored battleforce comes with 22 Custodes, which includes Captain-General Trajann Valoris, 3 Vertus Praetors on their dawneagle jetbikes, and a legion of warriors.

Battleforce: Imperial Fists – Bastion Strike Force. Tor Garadon leads this battleforce of 15 Heavy Intercessors, 3 Aggressors, and 2 Imperial Fists upgrade sprues.

Battleforce: Raven Guard – Ravenstrike Battle Force. In this 17-miniature boxed set, Raven Guard Chapter Master Kayvaan Shrike leads a squad of Reivers, a trio of Eliminators, and a Phobos-armored Librarian.

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