Goodman Games revealed Fifth Edition Fantasy #24: The Prism of Redemption, a new adventure module for 5E, which is currently on preorder.

The Prism of Redemption is an all-new 5E dungeon crawl adventure designed for Level 12 characters. The adventure revolves around Lady Leda Adelhorn, a fallen celestial who has been imprisoned in her ancestral estate on the peak of Mount Ontarr. The heroes are attempting to free her by finding sacred gems to activate an enchanted scepter. Players will hop through different planes using magical mirrors and engage in epic boss battles.

This 64-page module will retail for $17.99.

Goodman Games also recently unveiled DCC Lankhmar #14: Thieves of Cold Corner, a new level 3 adventure set, which is now on preorder (see "'DCC Lankhmar #14' for Preorder").