R.Talsorian Games revealed Black Chrome, a new gear rulebook for Cyberpunk RED, which will hit retail in March 2023.

Black Chrome is an "in-world" gear rulebook, published as a kindred spirit to R. Talsorian's 1991 Chromebook for Cyberpunk 2020. It is a catalog of gear, weapons, vehicles, fashion, and cyberware updated to reflect the modern day environment of Night City 2045. The book has over 170 items as well as new lore about the Megacorps and Neocorps. Black Chrome also offers readers a lesson in economics in current era and gives details on six Night Markets and the Fixers that run them.

It will retail for $40.

R.Talsorian Games also recently released Tales of the RED - Street Stories for Cyberpunk RED TTRPG (see " 'Cyberpunk RED: Tales of the RED - Street Stories'").