The Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook will introduce the game’s second edition when Green Ronin Publishing releases it next month.

The new Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook updates the 2015 fantasy role-playing game (see “Details on ‘Fantasy AGE’ and ‘Titansgrave’ Releases”) with new and refined rules.  Designed for ease of entry, the game uses a class and level system to streamline character creation while still allowing players to customize their characters.  Like the previous edition, Fantasy AGE uses a “stunt” system that enables players to perform heroic actions both in and out of combat, and an optional “Peril” and “Daring” mechanic that makes the game system develop based on events in the game.

Gamemasters can use the Core Rulebook as a toolkit, with many gameplay options, optional rules, and advice for game masters.  The book also has a complete selection of magic devices, spells, and monsters.  The game system is built on Green Ronin’s Adventure Game Engine (AGE) like many of the company’s other titles, including The Expanse and Modern AGE, making it easier for players and gamemasters to transition between games.

Green Ronin has joined the group of companies looking to produce the Open RPG Creative License to promote sharing game systems (see “Paizo Leads Game Company Revolt Against OGL Changes”).

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