In 2023, Osprey plans to expand its offerings for tabletop roleplaying games with three new game systems:  Urban Decay:  Beat ‘Em Up Roleplaying, Tomorrow City:  Dieselpunk Roleplaying, and Pressure:  Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying.  A new supplement book for Heirs to Heresy titled Faith & Fear is also in the works.

Inspired by arcade games, movies, and comic books, Urban Decay:  Beat ‘Em Up Roleplaying puts players in the mean streets of a gang-ruled city where the law has ceded control.  Determined to reclaim their home, the players must fight their way through the gangs to take down the boss.  The game uses the Clash system to focus on brutal street-fights, and includes streamlined character creation rules and a collaborative system where players work together to create the city.  Releasing in September.

Set in an alternative 1980s filled with jazz, art deco, and mad science, Tomorrow City:  Dieselpunk Roleplaying imagines a world where dark science spawned technological terrors and a world-devestating war.  Set in a city surrounded by hostile forces outside and secret foes inside, the players must navigate secret societies, occultist plots, air pirates, and other challenges.  Releasing in November.

Pressure:  Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying centers on members of the “Special Operations Squads,” government agents tasked with investigating and neutralizing strange threats to humanity, whether from organized crime, fringe science, or alien threats.  Pressure is a stand-alone game built on the mechanics used in Osprey’s Those Dark Places roleplaying game.  Releasing in January 2024.

2021’s Heirs to Heresy, inspired by legends of the Knights Templar (see “Osprey Games Will Release a RPG Based on the Legends of the Knights Templar”), will be expanded with a new supplement book, Faith & Fear.  This book offers up new knightly orders including the Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights, while exploring Templar conspiracies, new foes, and ancient relics for the mythic European setting.  Releasing in October.

Last month, Osprey launched a film noir style roleplaying game (see “Delve into the Hardboiled Action of ‘Hard City:  Noir Roleplaying’”).