Flat River Group announced that they have signed a deal to distribute Pendragon Game Studio's classic titles and new releases.

Pendragon Game Studio is the publisher behind The Thing: The Boardgame (see "'The Thing - The Boardgame' Kickstarter") and Escape From New York (see "'Escape From New York'").  Pendragon's games were previously coming to the U.S. markets via Ares Games.

“I have worked with Silvio Negri-Clementi for quite some time," said Jules Vautour, VP of Business Development and Hobby Distribution at Flat River Group.  "Their commitment to excellence in game development aligns perfectly with our core values.  We look forward to introducing their products to retailers and gamers in North America."

Flat River Group will help Pendragon gain a greater presence and visibility in the English language market.  In turn, Flat River Group will also get to add Pendragon's catalog of quality games to their distribution portfolio.