Two DC series will reach issue #800 in June, and both will then be restarted as Dawn of DC titles with new creative teams and new numbering. In addition, DC will release a Dawn of DC primer in May and launch a new Hawkgirl series in July.

The Flash #800 will be an oversize issue with stories by previous Flash writers Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, and Joshua Williamson as well as current writer Jeremy Adams, with art by current series artist Fernando Pasarin and former Flash artist Scott Kolins as well as Oclair Albert, Todd Nauck, Carmine Di Giandomenico, and Mike Deodato, Jr. The issue, which will include a prelude to the new Flash series, will be out on June 6, 2023, with a main cover by Taurin Clarke.

Then the series relaunches in September as part of the Dawn of DC program, with the new creative team of writer Si Spurrier and artist Mike Deodato, Jr. The new storyline starting in The Flash #1 finds Wally West plagued by mysterious anxieties and looking for new approaches to using his powers.

Wonder Woman #800 will wrap up the current storyline and include a prelude to the next story. The issue is written by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Tom King, with art by Joelle Jones, Jen Bartel, and Daniel Sampere. Wonder Woman #800 will be released on June 20, 2023, with a main cover by Yanick Paquette.

Wonder Woman #1, due out in September, will launch with the new creative team of writer Tom King and artist Daniel Sampere and a new storyline in which Congress passes a law banning all Amazons from the country and establishes the Amazon Extradition Entity (AXE) to forcibly remove those who don’t comply. The first issue will have a main cover by Sampere.

Hawkgirl #1, by writer Jadzia Axelrod and artist Amancay Nahuelpan, will kick off a new series about the solo adventures of Kendra Saunders, a.k.a. Hawkgirl, who heads off to Metropolis now that the Justice League is no more. The first issue will be available on July 18 and will feature a series of variant covers featuring scenes from the backstory of the character.

To help readers make sense of all this, DC is releasing The Dawn of DC Primer, by Joshua Williamson and Leandro Fernandez, which will spotlight Amanda Waller and lay out what to expect in the coming year and beyond. The primer will be available for free in comic shops on May 16.

DC also announced that actor Michael Dorn will write a new Dawn of DC series, Steelworks, based on the character he voiced in Superman: The Animated Series (see “Actor Michael Dorn to Write ‘Steelworks’”).

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