Two publishers are taking a deeper dive into game-related comics: BOOM! Studios will launch a series of Magic: The Gathering one-shots in June, and Dynamite Entertainment just announced a new series based on the Paizo game Starfinder, bringing that property to comics for the first time.

BOOM! Studios is kicking off a series of Planeswalker team-up one-shots with Magic Planeswalkers: Noble, by writers Stephanie Williams, Daniel Warren, and Dave Rapoza, artists Alberto Locatelli and Lea Caballero, and colorists Arianna Consonni and Raul Angulo. The 40-page comic will feature Planeswalkers Karn and Ral Zarek joining forces and also a romantic interlude for Vraska and Jace. The comic will be available June 14 with a main cover by Jahnoy Lindsay (Hawkeye: Kate Bishop), and variant covers by Justine Florentino and Frany.

Dynamite has been publishing comics based on Paizo’s Pathfinder for years and recently announced a new series (see “Dynamite Returns to RPG-Based Comics with New ‘Pathfinder’ Series”). Now they are branching out with Starfinder: Angels of the Drift, written by former Starfinder Creative Director James L. Sutter with art by Edu Menna. The series will also feature covers by Menna, Pathfinder comics artist Biagio d’Alessandro, and Richard Pace, who will create a series of covers that will connect to form a larger image.

Starfinder is all about exploring the galaxy and having epic adventures, but at the end of the day it's also about your real-world experience as a player, sitting around a table having fun with your friends,” Sutter said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “I think the comic zeroes in on that feeling—that no matter how high the stakes get, both the game and the comic are meant to be fun.”

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