Dynamite Entertainment is returning to the world of Pathfinder with a new series, Wake the Dead, that will launch in May.  Written by Fred Van Lente, with art by Eman Casallos, Wake the Dead will bring together a new group of adventurers who have appeared in the games and comics before but are meeting each other for the first time.  The first issue will be released in May with covers by Casallos, Steve Ellis, and Biagio D’Allesandro; D’Allesandro’s covers will connect to form a larger image.  Every issue of the comic includes bonus materials for players of Pathfinder, such as playable character stats for Seelah the paladin and new character options for inhabitants of Ecanus, all of which are officially approved by the Pathfinder Society.

Dynamite started publishing Pathfinder comics in 2014 (see “‘Pathfinder’ Comics”); its last Pathfinder series, Spiral of Bones, was launched in 2018 (see “Preview: ‘Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones’”).

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