Marvel has released more information about its planned Summer of Symbiotes event, which was first announced at New York Comic Con in 2022 (see “Marvel Maps Out Editorial Events Through Summer 2023”). The event, which marks Venom’s 35th anniversary, will encompass the ongoing Venom, Carnage, and Red Goblin series, and several new titles will spin off from it:

  • Extreme Venomverse, a new series, will feature stories about an array of different symbiotes, including a Venom samurai, a Venom spaceknight, and a symbiote hosted by Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat.
  • Carnage Reigns is a seven-part Miles Morales: Spider-Man/Carnage crossover that will start off with an oversized one-shot and then continue in both the ongoing solo series (see “Preview: ‘Carnage Reigns’ Covers”), as well as an issue of Red Goblin, ending in Carnage Reigns: Omega #1 in June.
  • Cult of Carnage: Misery is a limited series by writer Sabir Pirzada and artist Francesco Mortarino featuring Liz Allan, as Misery, searching for a set of stolen symbiotes.
  • Edge of Venomverse Infinity Comic will be a digital comic on the Marvel Unlimited platform; details will be announced at C2E2.
  • Death of the Venomverse will be a limited series that ties together all the pieces of the event in a final battle that not all symbiotes will survive.

Marvel also released a promotional image by Philip Tan and Scott Williams hinting at what is to come.

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