WizKids revealed D&D Icons of Realms: Seas & Shores, a new miniatures booster set, for release into retail in September 2023.

This set offers an array of shoreline and water-dwelling denizens. It contains 48 figures, which include monsters like sahuagin, the dreaded dragon turtle wyrmling, and the menacing aboleth. The set also includes character miniatures like pirates and swashbucklers. Each booster comes with a Large miniature and 3 Medium or Small miniatures. 

Boosters will retail for $19.99, and booster bricks of eight will retail for $159.92.

WizKids also unveiled two new Deep Cuts fantasy miniatures packs, Giant Ants and Giant Crocodile, for release into retail in July 2023 (see "'Deep Cuts' Fantasy Miniatures Packs").

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