WizKids revealed Mind Flayer Voyage, a new D&D Icons of the Realms: Adventure in a Box set, which is headed to retail in August 2023.

This box comes with everything necessary to create a Mind Flayer-themed adventure for stout Astril Drift adventurers to tackle. It comes with eight pre-painted miniatures, depicting characters and elements commonly found in a Spelljammer nautiloid (see "'D&D Spelljammer: Adventures in Space'"). It also comes with tabletop maps of a nautiloid ship that include layouts of multiple decks.

The box comes with 4 Intellect Devourers, 2 Mind Flayers, a Ulitharid, a Mindwitness, 2 Ceremorphosis Pods, a Helm, a Spawning Pool, a 19" by 7" Bridge Deck Map, a 19" by 7" Battle Deck Map, a 23" by 6" Cargo Deck Map, and a 23" by 6" Prison Deck Map. This boxed set will retail for $79.99, and contents are subject to change.

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