WizKids will release Critical Role: Exandria Unlimited - The Crown Keepers Boxed Set, a new miniatures set, into retail in September 2023.

This release features noted game streamer, podcaster, and the Dungeon Master Aabria Iyengarin in miniature form.  The miniatures set showcases the Crown Keepers, the cast of Exandria Unlimited, fully-painted and ready to travel the lands of Tal'Dorei.  The boxed set comes with miniatures of Aabria Iyengar, Dariax Zaveon, Opal, Fy'ra Rai, Morrighan Ferus, and Dorian Storm.

WizKids also unveiled two new Deep Cuts fantasy miniatures packs, Giant Ants and Giant Crocodile, for release into retail in July 2023 (see "'Deep Cuts' Fantasy Miniatures Packs").

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