WizKids will release Unboxed, a new puzzle card game, into retail in September 2023.

In this card game, players become archeology interns under the direction of Dr. Ramos at a dig site.  Their team has uncovered the remnants of ancient board games and they need to piece their rulebooks back together.  Players will have to infer the rules of the games based on each game’s symbology, components, and their own experience and intuition.  Once the rules have been recreated, they will have a fully functional game.

The game box comes with 24 A-Deck cards, 36 B-Deck cards, 3 C-Deck cards, 12 D-Deck cards, 16 E-Deck cards, 7 reference cards, 32 wooden discs, and a booklet.  Unboxed is for one to four players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 30 minutes.  It will retail for $19.99.

WizKids will release a new edition of Princes of Florence (see "'Princes of Florence'").