J. Michael Straczynski will return to writing a regular series for Marvel in September 2023, when he takes the reins on Captain America.  Jesus Saiz will be the artist for the new series and the cover artist for the first issue.  The series will launch with Captain America #1, which will depict Steve Rogers contemplating his past, present, and future as he reckons with an existential threat.

“Overall, the goal is to do some really challenging stories, some really fun stories, and get inside Steve’s head to see who he really is in ways that may not have been fully explored before,” Straczynski said in a statement accompanying the announcement.  “If folks like what I did with Peter in Amazing Spider-Man, and Thor in, well… Thor, then they should give this a shot, because I’m really swinging for the bleachers in this one!”

Straczynski wrote Amazing Spider-Man in the early 2000s, teaming up with John Romita Jr, and he also wrote Thor, Silver Surfer, and several other series before moving on.  He has returned for single stories, including one in Thor #24 (see “Preview: ‘Thor’ #24”) and another in the upcoming Marvel Age #1000 (see “Marvel to Commemorate 84 Years of Comics with ‘Marvel Age’ #1000”), and he is writing a six-issue series, The Madness, that AWA will launch in August (see “J. Michael Straczynski Writing New Revenge Thriller for AWA”).