Games Workshop will release Leviathan, a new boxed set for Warhammer 40,000, which will hit preorder on June 10, 2023.

The new 10E boxed features 72 new miniatures total, divided between a Space Marines and Tyranid army.  The Space Marines army comes with a Captain in Terminator Armor, a Librarian in Terminator Armor, a Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armor, an Apothecary Biologis, 5 Terminators, 5 Sternguard, a Ballistus Dreadnought, and 10 Infernus Marines.  The Tyranid forces come with a Winged Tyranid Prime, a Neurotyrant, two Neuroloids, 3 Von Ryan’s Leapers, a Psychophage, 20 Termagants, 2 Ripper Swarms, 11 Neurogaunts, 5 Barbgaunts, and a Screamer-Killer.

This boxed set will also contain a special edition hardcover Leviathan Core Book, which features the first narrative Crusade Expansion, background lore, and galleries of miniatures for every major faction.  The set also has a 66-card Mission Card Deck and a Space Marines transfer sheet.  Preorders for this product will last two weeks, while supplies last.  Customers that preorder their box from FLGS will receive a bonus set of 28 double-sided deployment zone markers or a neoprene dice tray featuring artwork of a Terminator helmet lens reflecting a Tyranid face.

The Royal Mail service has recently issued a series of postage stamps honoring Games Workshop's key brands in honor of Warhammer's 40th anniversary (see "British Stamps Feature 'Warhammer'").  

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