Cryptozoic Entertainment licensed Adventure Time from Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to produce a new roleplaying game.

This will be the first RPG created with the Adventure Time license. Previously, the Adventure Time license had appeared on variety of cards games like Munchkin (see "'Munchkin: Adventure Time'"), Fluxx ("Looney Labs"), and Love Letter.

Adventure Time is one of our favorite properties, so it was the perfect choice for our first roleplaying game,” said John Nee, CEO of Cryptozoic. “The series is rich with stories and characters with real heart, and we cannot wait to let players lose themselves in the world, whether they are RPG experts or this is their foray into the genre.”

The new RPG will be aimed at both new and experienced roleplayers, ages 12 and up. It will feature a "Yes And" game mechanic, which uses a custom set of dice to resolve actions and is designed to allow players to focus on the narrative itself without the need for complex calculations. This system was developed in conjunction with Forever Stoked Creative, which is headed up by game designer Matt Fantastic (see "New GAMA President Is a Retailer"). The Kickstarter for this RPG will launch in late summer.